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When we give our fans the spotlight,


When we give our fans the spotlight, in return they’ll give us interesting and original user-generated content (UGC) that we use on your social pages, website, and advertising campaigns. Ask your followers on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest to submit their content under a catchy hashtag giving instant access to their submissions and allowing use to collect an ample amount of viable content to work with.

Everybody loves a good contest. Contests appeal to the human drive for competition and create a sense of excitement. So what better way to make your campaign go viral than through a UGC contest on social media? We ask fans to submit videos, articles, designs, artwork, or anything else relevant to your brand, and offer a prize for the winner (such as money, a year’s supply of product, etc.) to motivate and inspire their innovations. After we receive submissions then people vote on which piece of content is best.

People love the opportunity to think out of the box. That’s why when we ask fans to show their creative side there is usually a positive outcome. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and even Facebook offer tons of opportunities for fans to be creative, whether it’s through video submissions, designs, or other types of creative content. We can get users involved with your product, and see what clever and artistic output they can generate using your brand as the inspiration.

One of the easiest ways we engage with fans is crowdsourcing on Facebook and Twitter. We ask our followers their opinion on which new flavors to try, which looks they prefer, or what new ideas they have for your products/campaigns. Users love the empowerment that comes along with offering their perspective, and as a result you’ll build community and greater customer loyalty.